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>>…Team USA racked up a historical gold medal in the 42nd World Chess Olympiad today.  Yet there is not a trace of mention of it in any of our news majors, nothing, nada…A tragically benighted people we are, primitive savages, red in tooth and claw.  With nukes…spike


​>…  Name a best seller written about a Nobel Prize winner, name a song...and so on… bill w​



Point taken, although I can from memory say that James Glieck wrote a fairly good book on Nobel laureate Richard Feynman.  It wasn’t as good as Feynman’s own memoirs, but I would give that volume a solid B, possibly a B+.


Chess doesn’t make great sports-drama and doesn’t lend itself well to product endorsement.  There is no special pricy equipment needed to play, and now it doesn’t even sell books.  This might help explain why it plays better in some places than others.  It isn’t well suited to the capitalist west.  I am astonished that we now have three guys in the world top 10.  No one can figure out how they got so good way out here in the chess wilderness, but I have a theory: we are seeing the results of computer training.



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