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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 00:54:02 UTC 2016

Just finished The Gene, by Siddhartha Mukerjee.  First 140 pages get to
1950.  Includes CRISPR and a study from January 2016.  Good discussion of
ethics.  Last chapter is named Post-Humans.

Place it in my top ten.  The last one, I Contain Multitudes, is top three

BTW - I am sometimes reluctant to suggest a new topic being a newcomer, but
this one is really relevant:

If you are interested, please list your top ten nonfiction books of all
time (or updates if the old one is dated).  I will do mine if others will.
The books above are on it.  Of course I am selfishly looking for new books
to read, but then so aren't you?  Who better to ask?

bill w
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