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Fresh blood is not unhygienic, just yucky (like many bodily fluids it 
should be sterile). But it is full of nutrients that will allow 
microorganisms to grow quickly if it is a warm environment. Mix it with 
mud and the present organisms will have a great feast - both pathogens 
and non-pathogens. Most microorganisms are easily destroyed by the 
immune system, since they lack the adaptations that make them survive in 
a human environment.

In the Bangladesh case I suspect the blood is not much of an issue 
compared to bad sanitation: I would rather be splashed with blood-mixed 
water than sewage-mixed water, since the later will be full of organisms 
adapted to humans. So the damage is mostly aesthetic.

On 2016-09-14 18:12, spike wrote:
> …but I do know that this hasta be bad:
> http://abcnews.go.com/International/heavy-rains-eid-animal-sacrifices-create-rivers-blood/story?id=42086087
> Epidemiology hipsters please: wouldn’t this be a huge potential for… I 
> don’t even know what, but it sure looks bad to have all these people 
> splashing around in bloody rainwater.  Is there some kind of beast 
> which could make it’s living on this stuff?  Flies?  Some kind of 
> pathogen?
> spike
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