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>>…Well BillW, you know the cure for having not looked into it, ja?  So do we.





>…Again, I have not looked into it in detail, but here is a problem:  the Bush administration, as have numerous others, I suppose, put the lid on sensitive information by declaring it a secret … bill w



Ja, well done sir.  The critical distinction is that for information to be declared secret, the classifying agencies need to have it on a dot gov secure server which is encrypted so the bad guys cannot get to it.  Secret information cannot legally be passed around on unsecured servers because it is not reliably encrypted (if at all) and is not properly archived, in a format searchable from all accounts, sender and all recipients (has to be in all places, so they can verify the documents were not modified.)


If you hear someone comment that the State Department’s server was hacked but the Clinton server was not, the person who made that comment doesn’t understand the State Department server capable of handling classified information has not been hacked and there is no reason to even attempt to hack it, since the information on that is encrypted.  Their unclassified server was hacked, but that contains nothing that cannot be made public.  


When you hear someone say they sent or received this or that and they assumed (assumed?  Indeed?) that it was being archived by the account of the sender or receiver, that isn’t good enough.  The ‘frigging rules’ (the law) requires proper archiving on both (on all) ends.  The frigging rules make that very clear.  The ones briefed on the frigging rules sign under oath that they understand and will comply under penalty of law.


If those frigging rules are flouted, the law is broken by someone who has sworn to uphold the law, which is an impeachable offense.


If those frigging rules are followed, there is still concentrated power, but it is accountable power, which is the kind we grant to government.


If those frigging rules are intentionally defeated (not that it has happened, recently) we have unaccountable concentrated power, which leads to yoga and subsequent profits from the yoga being funneled to Canadian charities and on to US charities for instance, and inestimable damage done to the victims of that yoga and our country.


Those frigging rules are the law of our land.  Our leaders are obligated to follow them.


You are right: Colin ‘Frigging Rules’ Powell served under W, and committed impeachable offense, as he specified in his own words in the 23 Jan 2009 memo:




Is there a hint of impropriety there?


So… impeach him.


BillW well done, sir!



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