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It has been argued that with excessive oversight, the government cannot get anything done.  This is almost right.  With proper oversight, the government cannot get anything done illegally.  spike


Excessive, by definition, is too much.


It makes me wonder such things as :  what was so important about the Democrats paperwork that the Repubs set up a burglary at the Watergate?  Just knowing campaign strategy is worth a felony?


What they don't want us to know is the deals, the quid pro quo.  Who won the deal and who lost.  Remember the saying about law and sausage.


Hillary may be as big a narcissist as the Donald.






Hi BillW, do note carefully the attributions.  The above appears to have been written by me.  No harm done, and I agree with the sentiment in this case.


I have an interesting what-if for you on that Watergate business.  What if… the burglars had been successful and bugged the offices, then found some really deep corruption, something that was clearly illegal, explosive.  But the evidence was seized illegally.  A bad guy caught another bad guy, but caught himself too.  The two bad guys make the usual WHaGAWIT comment, in unison, but with a fun twist: …if it hadn’t been for {each other.}   Then what happens?  Americans would end up deploring both our mainstream parties.  It almost reminds me of something. 



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