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​>>…​When one tries to compare the horrors of a global thermonuclear  ​war with the horrors of a bad Email server what can one do but laugh?



### This is dumb, John.


​>…Explain to me why, I really want to understand​…  John K Clark           



OK, here it is John.  We don’t know what was on Clinton’s email.  We must presume that bad guys do.  So she wouldn’t be as effective in preventing nuclear proliferation than Trump would be, for she has to do whatever the holders of that email demand.


Reasoning: we saw that they tried to explain to Powell why those ‘frigging rules’ were there.  It wasn’t to make his life inconvenient; there is a very good reason why you cannot take those berries into the SCIF.  John you understand EM physics well enough to get why, right?  Those SCIFs are EM shielded, so the berries don’t work in there, as noted by Sec. Powell.  So he ‘frigging rules’ed away the law, and took the devices in there anyway.  In that EM quiet environment, if there was even one traitor with the instrument needed, that one traitor could discover how to spoof the system and intercept a copy of everything sent to that berry.  If there was even one traitor in the State Department SCIF, that could happen.  There is a reason for those frigging rules (also known as law.)


He instructed his successor on the frigging rules, and explained that they don’t apply since the berries don’t work in the SCIF anyway, so there is no reason to not carry it in there.  (What are they going to do, take your clearance?)  So she did.  So if there was even one traitor inside the State Department SCIF, then everything on that berry may have been compromised, and if so we would have no way of knowing what was on there.  And we know there were at least two traitors in the State Department SCIF.


But we aren’t finished.  If a traitor received the appropriate signals from those berries in the SCIF, bad actors have that email but we do not.  The voters don’t have it, the US Government doesn’t have it, even Mrs. Clinton doesn’t have it, nor does she have any idea what was on there.  She fell and hit her head in December 2012, resulting in a concussion and amnesia, which persists to this day according to her testimony to the FBI.  She doesn’t remember the security briefings that signed documents showed she had.  So… stands to reason she doesn’t remember what was on all those blackberries she doesn’t even remember having, in accordance with her testimony to congress that she had only one device during her tenure as Secretary of State.  We now know there were at least 13 of these devices, some of which have never been found, some of which may have accidentally been smashed to bits with hammers, but Mrs. Clinton has no recollection of any of this because of the concussion suffered from a fall in December 2012.


So.  Now we have the entire archives of two consecutive Secretaries of State covering a period of over ten years which must be presumed compromised.  For the period from 2009 to 2012, all state department business involving Sec. Clinton must be presumed compromised, since she had no legal means of sending State Department business other than going thru a presumed-compromised unsecured server.


So… the bad guys know what is in those emails, but we do not.  BleachBit is very thorough.  Mrs. Clinton doesn’t know what is in there either.  Concussions are very thorough.  So if she is elected and then is reminded of the contents of that email by bad actors, knowing she would face prison for life if they tell, what do you think she will do?


When you speak of the horrors of thermonuclear war, you must specify why you think one is more likely than the other to be the cause of it.  That isn’t clear to me, because I don’t know what was in that email.  The bad guys do.



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