[ExI] The Bomb verses a Email server

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>>.OK, here it is John.  We don't know what was on Clinton's email.  We must
presume that bad guys do.  So she wouldn't be as effective in preventing
nuclear proliferation than Trump would be, for she has to do whatever the
holders of that email demand.

>.Sorry for getting into the debate, but Trump *urged* nuclear proliferation
as a solution to avoiding foreign entanglements. That is a bit more certain
than hypothetical blackmail potential. 

Dr Anders Sandberg
Noted, thanks Anders.
In one scenario the risk of nuclear proliferation increases, but that same
scenario may reduce the risk of conventional warfare, which we may be facing
as a result of yesterday's accidental US strike on Syrian forces.
Nuclear proliferation is bad.  Conventional warfare is bad.  If the bad guys
have Mrs. Clinton's email and she cannot remember what is in it (in
accordance with her testimony to the FBI) then the bad guys could compose a
plausible-looking Clinton email and use it for blackmail, increasing both
the risk of nuclear proliferation and conventional warfare.
Oy what a mess.  All this could have easily been prevented, had our own
Secretaries followed the frigging rules (also known as law.)
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