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>>…The subject most likely contains money, and an explanation of who attacked the Libyan embassy and why.


​>…Come on Spike, do you really need to invent wild conspiracy theories involving an international crime ring run by the Clintons to explain violence directed against Americans in an Islamic country during a civil war?   John K Clark  ​



I do need some kind of wild conspiracy theory to explain why the embassy was not evacuated when we knew there were credible threats.  I need some kind wild conspiracy theory to explain the refusal to turn over the server when there was a legal subpoena, why the extraordinary effort to get rid of some of it (Nixon’s 18 minutes of audio and Clinton’s thousands of yoga routines) when it was perfectly clear what that would look like, why the angry “What difference does it make” outburst, why we seem to be fighting in the Syrian civil war on the wrong side with nothing to gain, why the concussion-amnesia wiped away memory of the other dozen communication devices but not the 123 Deal, why the constantly changing story on that server, why none of the stories make sense even now.


These are not wild conspiracy theories, they are all just questions.  Is it possible to have a conspiracy question?  Note that people asking conspiracy questions led to the discovery that the Watergate burglary traced all the way up to the Whitehouse.







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