[ExI] The Bomb verses a Email server

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*>​>​…*Ambassador Stevens could have evacuated the embassy but he chose not
>> to, and on 2 separate occasions in the month before the attack he was
>> offered more security guards and he said no both times…  John K Clark
> ​> ​
> That isn’t Ambo’s call.  The military does regular threat-assessment
> audits, which are sent to the State Department.  If the local military says
> they have credible threats and inadequate resources to defend, the SecState
> has the responsibility to order shutdown and evacuation of personnel and
> classified documents.  Ambo’s wishes and opinions are seldom taken into
> consideration, for he isn’t qualified to make military assessments.

​Stevens was no neophyte, he was considered one of the State Department's
top experts on Iran as well as Libya, and before he was ambassador he was
the head of the Office of Multilateral Nuclear and Security Affairs. He
knew he was in a dangerous situation, everybody did, but if they evacuated
an embassy every time there was a credible threat to it there would be no
embassies in Islamic countries. Stevens had all the information that
Clinton had and if he was a good ambassador he should have had more, he
should have had a feeling about what things were like on the streets of
Benghazi that was better than anyone.  Stevens was a very brave man who
made a mistake, we all make mistakes but when you make one in a crises it
can be lethal.

John K Clark
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