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>.Also, equinoxes are beautiful: everything aligns. I think they make the
proper holidays, not set by human standards. We should be celebrating
equinoxes, perihelions and apehelions. --  Dr Anders Sandberg



Pagan heresy!


I agree.  We almost do the solstices here in the states with our Christmas
buying season and our patriotic 4th of July celebrating independence from
England, but on the latter, I would think the celebration would be after the
war was won, rather than the signing of the document that started it.  Then
we would be celebrating 19 October 1781 as the birth of the nation.  I would
prefer a different date however: 21 June 1788, when the US constitution was
ratified.  This would align a patriotic holiday with a celestial event and
would call attention of America to the really important event of agreeing on
a structure of law, rather than kicking off a war.


We can likewise find reasons to move Christmas to 21 December, or better
yet, move New Year's Day there and leave Christmas where it is for historic


We can likewise find good reasons to celebrate at the Autumnal equinox:
Magellan set out to circumnavigate the globe in 1519, East and West Germany
ratified reunification signaling the end of the cold war in 1990, both of
which are good reasons for celebration.

For the Spring Equinox, we can celebrate Spring Break and the legendary
revelry by college students all across the land, the drunken nekkidness for
which so many are fondly repentant, the youthful abandonment of propriety to
which so many owe their lives.  (Anders, do Europeans do wild and crazy
Spring Break over there?  You should.)
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