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​This is such an obviously good idea there is probably little chance of it
passing both Republican controlled houses ​of congress, the Bible probably
says it's against God's will or something. After all, unless we helped God
out by forbidding stuff He doesn't like and empowering the police to
enforce His prohibitions how could that omnipotent being ever have His will
be done? The poor guy could never get His way unless we helped Him.

​If I could only ask one question to a presidential candidate to gauge
their Libertarian tendencies it would be "Should terminally ill patients be
allowed to end their lives via assisted suicide?";  isidewith.com asked
them this very question and here are the results:

Donald Trump
​ refused to answer.
Hillary Clinton
​ said "yes".
Gary Johnson
​ said "​
Yes, but only after a psychological examination to show they fully
understand this choice

I find it very interesting that ​
Hillary Clinton
​ gave a more libertarian answer than the Libertarian Party candidate.

​ John K Clark​
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