[ExI] And they say Clinton is the one who's a Liar!

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>…as of today there is a 48.8% chance that Donald Trump will be the next … John K Clark​


John you worry too much man.  If this isn’t a third party run, it is as close to it as I have ever seen, more so than Ross Perot.  The Republican party isn’t doing anything that I can tell to help Trump.  The Bush family (all of them) have come out in favor of Clinton.  Lots of party biggies have done likewise.  I have seen none of them offer Trump a resounding endorsement; they know he isn’t a Republican.


Other factors: Clinton is outspending Trump 15 to 1, the media is in her pocket, and she is running 50 points ahead in the polls (in DC.)  All this, with Trump running as a third party, we know that third parties can never win.


So why do you worry?




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