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Oh this is cool:


If there are vapor plumes, there are likely oceans of water beneath the ice.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we find life there.


Way cool!

It might be possible, if there's microbial life, that some of them ride the plumes and have become radiation-resistant via a selection process, no? And might it not also be possible that life might've arose there and has then been scattered about the Jupiter system, perhaps even to Mars or Earth? Haven't looked at the average travel times or that overall environment, but it would seem to be like a sweepstakes route for life to spread throughout the outer solar system and maybe to the inner and elsewhere? (I know others have proposed life being scattered from Earth to there. That's also a sweepstakes route. Which seems more likely? Someone must have crunched the numbers... I'm thinking it's easier to go sunward, Jupiter has a huge gravity well. Also, Jupiter's radiation environment sets up another barrier, though might not equally effect incoming vs outgoing life bearing 'rafts' depending on the dynamics.)


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