[ExI] circumcision again

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>>… Circumcision is something that does not provide a good except for a fairly narrow range of life projects.  anders


>…I am not an expert on these matters, but it isn’t the least bit clear to me that circumcision provides *any* advantage in any range of life projects, narrow or broad.  On the contrary, I can see at least one disadvantage.  …



Shame on me, spike, oh shame, me lad.  At least one disadvantage, I said.  ONE disadvantage, said I!  ONE!  Shame on me.  I am guilty of the same ethical and moral crime that has perpetuated this barbaric practice for millennia: completely disregarding the excruciating pain of the unwilling victim.  SPIKE!  How in the goddam hell did you not offer THAT one FIRST, with the other bit second if at all?  Spike my son, you know better than that, sheesh, I taught me better than that.


OK, now that I have started out my Wednesday giving myself a well-deserved ass chewing.


>…Anyone who wishes to return that serve, it’s your turn.  spike


Oh I will slam that one into the next county and it will still be climbing when it gets there.





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