[ExI] Johnson has ANOTHER "Aleppo moment"!

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On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 12:43 AM, spike <spike66 at att.net <mailto:spike66 at att.net> > wrote:


​>>…If these guys can balance the budget


​>…Like Bill Clinton did? 


Like Newt Gingrich did?  Actually neither of them did: it was accounting tricks.  They robbed Social Security by moving welfare cases to SS disability.  They needed to arrange for them to all have disabilities.  It wasn’t hard to do; that’s why we have so many disabilities now.


Now these guys aren’t even talking about balancing the budget.


​>…Face it Spike, thanks to Johnson the Libertarians ​are getting the reputation as the silly party, not to be confused with the Republicans who now will forever be known as the stupid party. 


​John what kind of reputation do you think Hilliary has given her party?  Come on, say it John, you know what I am thinking.


 > >…I notice neither of the mainstream candidates are even talking about budgets.

​>…Why should they? The budget deficit ​is not a pressing issue, although a case could be made that it's too small…John K Clark 


What happens when interest rates go back up?  With a debt this size, we will devour our entire revenue just paying interest.  This will not be good.






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