[ExI] Johnson has ANOTHER "Aleppo moment"!

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>  What happens when we have fewer and fewer workers to pay the bills?  We
> borrowed when half of us were earning wages.  In the future a quarter of us
> will be struggling to pay off the debt, and they will fail.  Then what?
### The return to capital will rise well in excess of any possible
decreases in return to labor, thus allowing capital-holders to easily cover
all the expenses. In some countries capital-holders may elect to eliminate
labor altogether, using automated security equipment, but hopefully in the
more genteel areas of the planet, such as the US, labor will have the
option to join capital in the new world of relative plenty. However, if the
drain on resources inflicted by the parasitic elements of the society
(non-labor, non-capital = government and its wards) outstrips the growth of
productivity there is no end to the misery that could befall us.

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