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### You may want to review the precise wording of my question, which excludes Britain from the listing.







What we are seeing is a divergence in models of what a federal government is supposed to do.  I tend to see federal government as a body that makes, interprets and enforces law, runs the military and some infrastructure, but that’s all.  Plenty of the social services stuff is done at that level, but I see all that as the domain of state governments.


If one sees the federal government as a law man, then that government wants its citizens armed, for they are then allies in defeating lawlessness.  If a federal government wants to be a parent-like structure, then it wants the citizenry disarmed, for being a parent-structure requires more centralized power, a lot more money and strict obedience from its subjects, since it is a much bigger task.


In that context, what is the British government?



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