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​> ​>…John, your post seems too pessimistic by a factor of 2pi…




​>…Spike, I sincerely hope you're right and I'm wrong, but recent actions of a certain billionaire after the election has not increased my confidence that I will still be alive in 4 years. I'm optimistic in that I still think the odds of me being above ground in 2021 are somewhat better than 50%, …John K Clark 




Hi John,


Short version: Trump is crazy ja.  I don’t think he is crazy enough to start a nuclear war with China, and I don’t think they will nuke their best customers, the nation that owes them a trillion dollars.  The North Koreans are not far enough along to be a major threat in that department.  Yet.  Russia, hmmm, I doubt they would pull the trigger.  


As for proletariat revolt, I don’t consider that risk very high, and even if they do, I can’t see it as successful.  I can imagine some areas becoming far worse than they are now: Chicago springs to mind.  But most places would be very unsympathetic to rebellion methinks.  


My family was hardcore Union in 1861, and I expect to continue that tradition should it come to that.









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