[ExI] Chilean UFO

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Wed Jan 11 06:11:03 UTC 2017

Ok everyone, let's put on our skeptics hats and try to figure out what
this is:


Obviously watch the videos. The material facts from the article were:

1. The object was white in HD video and over 122 deg C in IR against a
back ground air temp of about 10 deg.

2. The object did not show up on the helicopter's onboard radar nor on air
traffic control radars from the two closest airports.

3. It travelled in a controlled fashion against the wind at about 4500 ft
above sea level.

4. The object ejected white vapor of similar temperature to the object
that blended with the clouds about 30 miles off the west coast of Chile.

5. All witnesses involved were experienced Chilean navy pilots and

6. A panel of experts ruled out alteration of the videos.

Any thoughts?

Stuart LaForge

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