[ExI] The INCREDIBLE acceleration of the wealth gap

Diego Saravia dsa at unsa.edu.ar
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2017-01-16 22:59 GMT-03:00 William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>:

> I've read of rich men, and many of them are workaholics who abandon their
> families, work every day, often late.  They became successful in business
> or investment, and just kept their plans going and going and going.  Why
> quit?  They are invested in or own companies who produce goods and/or
> services people are buying.
> They buy up unsuccessful companies and turn them around (or sell off the
> parts).  This is a good thing.
> Now maybe you or I might just stop and enjoy our wealth, maybe go into
> charity work like the Gates, but most seem to just keep going.
> Why is any of this greedy?  Is there some definition of 'more than their
> share' that is being applied?  This is capitalism at its finest, isn't it?
> Is it greed because they are not sharing enough of their wealth with
> workers?  How would this apply to investors?

The problem are not that men.

The problem are all the heirs that spend a lot in luxury and enviromental
prolematic stuff and do not produce anything, but continue to receive rent
for generations.

Once I read a book from  a far right extremist, he says that we live in a
socialist word, because from ten commands that the first socialist congress
in the history approves, only one is not in effect:
    Abolition of inheritance.

I often think that if only that "socialist" rule applied, but all other
rules are completly liberal, we could have a better world.

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