[ExI] Am I the only one freaked out by this?

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​>…In some states, all of them red for some reason, a concealed firearm photo​ ID is good enough to vote but a official photo ID issued by a State University is not. Why do you suppose that is?


Because a state university ID does not prove that one is eligible to vote.  It doesn’t prove the student is a US citizen, I don’t recall that it lists birthdate, doesn’t have a checkbox on there for convicted felon.  Concealed carry permits are not issued to non-citizens, minors or ex-cons.


>…So where did Trump get the idea that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally in 2016?


States where voter ID is not required enabled him to call out any number he wants, knowing that if they didn’t require ID, the states don’t know how many people voted illegally.  You called out Texas, but Texas requires voter ID.  California does not.  If a voter takes it out and holds it in front at the ballot, the workers will not look at it.  I have a lot of fun with that.


>…But even if Trump believes this nonsense why would he publicly say so and undermine the 

Legitimacy of his own election?


It is to pressure states to require voter ID.  If they don’t, we will hear that 3 to 5 million number again, since it will be impossible to refute.  But the solution is so simple: have ID required in order to vote, problem solved.


Alternative: digital face recognition is advanced enough now, or nearly so.  If someone objects to having photo ID, then they can use that alternative, or if they object to any facial image (such as they wear a burqa, they could register using a fingerprint scan.  Until the states agree to do that, we don’t know how many people voted illegally.



>…Tiffany Trump is registered to vote in Pennsylvania and New York,​ and Trump's ​"alt-right" adviser Steve Bannon is registered to vote in Florida and New York. …John K Clark​


Well, there ya go.  That enables people to vote illegally.  How do we know they didn’t?  We don’t know how many do that, but it could be stopped if we really wanted to.  So why not?  Until we take some pretty simple steps to stop it, we don’t know how many voted illegally.






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