[ExI] Am I the only one freaked out by this?

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​> ​>…Because a state university ID does not prove that one is eligible to vote. It doesn’t prove the student is a US citizen, I don’t recall that it lists birthdate, doesn’t have a checkbox on there for convicted felon. 


>…That's not what photo ID is supposed to do. John K Clark is already registered to vote, they are already convinced that John K Clark is a US citizen and is Old enough to vote and is not a convicted felon. When I go to the polls the only question they might have is "are you really John K Clark?"…John K Clark



OK, I will follow that argument.  So you will agree that photographing every person who gets a ballot, or doing a fingerprint scan is OK in any state which decides to do it?  Since all it is doing is verifying identification, surely you have no objection.  And you should have no objection if states share data on who voted, ja?  And no objection if states share felon lists?  And if anyone applies for an absentee ballot, they will need to register to get one using photograph verification.  Still OK with it?


I’m in!


I feel quite confident that plenty of states will think this is a really bad idea.










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