[ExI] The Doomsday Clock

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Some of the situations that military are preparing for these days are probably along the lines of the implications of having current and future forms of AI guide the development and implementation man-machine symbioses and the disruptive effects such enhanced human cognition combined with automation will have on basically all areas of civil life.

What if, just spitballing here, a certain new President decided to take a visit to some of the programs run by the DoD and use some of the systems already developed there to enhance himself?

Interesting increasing the scope, or reducing the effects of some cognitive limitations might actually be positive step forward


(Also hello everyone)

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Spike, I admire your optimism but perhaps your lack of a mind's eye prevents you from imagining the hellscape we're thinking about.

(Cue thread on aphantasmia which would be MUCH better than this political bullshit...I wish Gordon Swobe were here to bitch about Searle...)

Thanks Will.  The point of my twin posts was to call attention to what military people do.  The kinds of scenarios being kicked around (3am call to a POTUS of questionable sanity and a nuclear-armed monarch of questionable sanity) were what top military brass spent their time pondering in the 1970s and 1980s.  Result: SBIRS to take care of scenario 1, THAAD to take care of scenario 2.  Both had been thought through end to end, debated, funded, designed, built and tested by the late 1990s.  I was there.  Oh what a glorious time to be a controls engineer, oh my, such cool interesting challenges were given to us.

It is the job of the military to foresee and deal with nightmare scenarios.  The scenarios they are seeing and preventing today would blow our minds if we knew about them.


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