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> Some of the situations that military are preparing for these days are
> probably along the lines of the implications of having current and future
> forms of AI guide the development and implementation man-machine symbioses
> and the disruptive effects such enhanced human cognition combined with
> automation will have on basically all areas of civil life.
> What if, just spitballing here, a certain new President decided to take a
> visit to some of the programs run by the DoD and use some of the systems
> already developed there to enhance himself?
> Interesting increasing the scope, or reducing the effects of some cognitive
> limitations might actually be positive step forward

	That would be wonderful.  Unfortunately, the types of cognitive
	enhancements he would be likely to run into are not the sort he needs
	- or, at most, he would see them as a machine telling him what to do,
	which his ego would reject.

I guess it depends on what part of a cybernetic system that would be considered to be machine in nature. The work of the late Jens Rasmussen (The one who was the humans factors expert of cognitive engineering, not the one who developed Google Maps) dealt a lot with presenting real world information, mostly in nuclear power plants, in an very abstracted aggregated form which allows an operator to view the state of various complex systems and processes inside the plant which in a that would otherwise be unintuitive and probably entirely unmanageable. Quantifiably safer nuclear plants started being build around these concepts back in the 70’s. 
Computing has come a long way since then and in a sense the stacks of paper on Trumps desk in the white house and what is contained in the reports various people deliver to can also be seen as a similar system to the ones I mentioned before power plants without Trumps ego even having to lay its eyes on a computer screen

That is a good point though, any form of cognitive technology has to work around the natural limitations of the brain, be it working memory, attention span and any personality traits as an improvement in cognition may indirectly or even directly affect how an individual experiences the world or behaves

> (Also hello everyone)

	Hello and welcome!  By any chance are you working on said enhancement programs?

Not currently but its definitely one of the fields I want to work with in the future so I am keeping my finger on the pulse as best I can

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