[ExI] A AI that can spot skin cancer as well as human experts

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>> And it's more evidence that classical libertarian dogma will need to
>> be modified to stay relevant  john
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> Eh, what?  Please explain/expand.

​Of all the common occupations physicians need the most training, so if
even their job can be performed by a robot then nobody's job is safe. The
jobs that need to be performed will continue to be be performed and wealth
will continue to be produced, it just will not be done by humans. Billions
of people will have no jobs and they are simply not going to calmly starve
to death in a world that is full of wealth, instead they are going to raise
holy hell and rip civilization apart. So to avoid that provisions must be
made for people who can generate no wealth themselves to nevertheless
receive some.

That would be contrary to classical libertarian philosophy and is certainly
contrary to what I would have recommended just a few years ago, but things
are happening faster than I expected and I can no longer put the "far
future" tag on the economic impact of AI and say it has little relevance for
the present moment, we're starting to see it right now. When facts and my
worldview start to contradict each other I figure it's time to change my
worldview because unlike Mr. Trump I don't wish to pick a fight with

 John K Clark
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