[ExI] Am I the only one freaked out by this? [GOV]

Rafal Smigrodzki rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 01:52:17 UTC 2017

On Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 8:47 PM, John Clark <johnkclark at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 29, 2017, Rafal Smigrodzki rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com> wrote:
> ​>> ​
>>> Suppressing discourse on government is a bad precedent.
>> ​> ​
>> ### I am open to suppression of opinions that are repeated over and over
>> again
> I am open to the  suppression of the opinion that the Extropian list
> ​should no longer be used to discuss current events even though it has done
> exactly that for well over 20 years.

### But usually not over and over and over again. Even the perennial
identity thread is less sticky.

Hey, let's talk about guns. We haven't had a shitstorm about guns in
something like, twenty years or so.

Here is my take - free machine guns for every man, woman and child. And
mandatory open carry in schools.

School should be fun, too, no?

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