[ExI] A AI that can spot skin cancer as well as human experts

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>  Robots will not directly reduce returns to labor but will greatly
> increase returns to capital. You don't starve if a minute amount of capital
> is sufficient to pay for your food. Do I need to parse it further?

In a world where robots produce all the wealth and where robots make other
robots the word "capital" will have about as much meaning as the word
"labor", and that's not much. When I said AIs would be able to perform
every job better than humans that includes the job of efficiently
allocating resources, which is what successful capitalists do. I predict
that many of the words we use today to describe the economy will soon take
on very different meanings, and that includes capital and labor.  So the
answer to your question above is yes, you do need to parse it further.

John K Clark
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