[ExI] Self-driving cars to make moral and ethical decisions like humans

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>>...Consider one of the biggest challenges of urban stealth sweethearts:
finding some private space.  Driverless Uber cars would be just the thing
for that...



>...  Face recognition software, yahoo discovers it is the local Baptist
minister and the choir director!  Ransom!

>...Counter-industry: some kind of jamming device or degausser which would
prevent realtime transmission of amateur porno video.

>...Oh the money to be made here.



Wait, better idea.  

Scenario: scoundrel takes driverless Uber car home, hides camera.  We create
a device which recognizes an outgoing signal anywhere nearby, then transmits
its own signal at that frequency at a much higher power.  We create a phony
video using actual porno actors, create script which allows the scoundrel to
find out the (phony) identity of the passengers: "Oh Reverend Carbuncle, you
are so hot!"  "Please, Susie May, you may call me Fester."

Set up a phony website with a megachurch somewhere, head pastor Rev. Fester
N. Carbuncle, Choir Director Susie May Rottencrotch.  Now the trap is set.
Scoundrel contacts phony megachurch demanding ransom, we demand some kind of
evidence the scoundrel has actual video, we set up some means of tracking
source of email, POW!  We catch her!

We were so worried the future wouldn't have enough jobs, heh, nonsense.
There will be plenty of new ones.  Granted, they will be some really weird


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