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>>… spike wrote;  Consider public restrooms: you
don't want to touch anything, so they supply those paper ass-gaskets.



>… featuring new practices such as wiping vaginal fluid all over a newborn …Far better and easier than having them play in stockyard dirt/manure, and with animals of all kinds, including strange children (such as Spike and I were)…



BillW, I knew some children who were even stranger than either of us.  No exaggeration.




>>…We create a phony
video using actual porno actors, create script which allows the scoundrel to find out the (phony) identity of the passengers: "Oh Reverend Carbuncle, you are so hot!"  …Set up a phony website with a megachurch somewhere, head pastor Rev. Fester N. Carbuncle, Choir Director Susie May Rottencrotch.  Now the trap is set.



>…Spike, does your mind never stop?


Not that I know of.  Come to think of it, how would I know if it did?  You would tell me, ja?


Now that I am on this stranger-than-fiction flight of fancy, waaaay stranger in this case, I will offer something for which we moderns can be thankful.


We start with a history lesson.


Back in the long time agos, names were simple: Peter, James, John, Hoerkheimer and so forth (read all about it in the old books.)  Eventually every little town was filled with them, so they invented last names.  Sometimes it was based on where the person was from, but often it was from what they did for a living.  There was Peter the Farmer and James the Carpenter and the guy who made horseshoes was John the Smith, and so on, and eventually they just dropped the the, and they kept the occupation as the family name, which is why we ended up with so many names that sound like jobs.  Back in the old days, jobs were pretty simple to describe.  The names had dignity.  Families were OK with taking the name, regardless of later occupations.  Follow me?  Good.


We live in an era of weaponized information.  Our own modern prophet George Orwell told us this would happen: political power is now a function of how one can communicate in private.  Privacy is power.  Loss of that privacy destroys political power.  Loss of that privacy destroys personal lives.  Consequently, privacy has value.  Bad guys will try to steal it, and make you pay to keep your secrets.


Result: new occupations where bad guys will try to hide cameras in self-driving cars, knowing that privacy-seekers rent them for some private space.  Then still newer occupations will come along trying to defeat those would steal our privacy, the information-era counterparts of the burglar and the locksmith.


So… what if… the Dark Ages had never happened?  What if an honest-hearted Pope got up in the balcony and just confessed: Priest-schmiest!  We really don’t have the power to consign you to hell.  Even if you deserve it, we still can’t do it.  I will read these scriptures to you in your language instead of this absurd Latin and show you.  We don’t have the power.  We are all equal.


The spell would have been broken, we never would have had the Dark Ages, we could have advanced to the science age and industrial revolution several hundred years sooner, the whole notion of creating family names based on occupation would have happened when we were already struggling with the modern problem of weaponized information, and think how awkward that might be.  You are at a party or social setting, you introduce yourself: Hi, I am Spike Phonypornovideomaker.  She: Hi, nice to meet you Mr. Phonypornovideomaker!  My name is Chastity Recordyouhumping.


Now, wouldn’t that be rather embarrassing?  We can be thankful the old time religion people were early adopters of writing, which gave them enormous power, which they abused as is the way of all humans with enormous power, resulting in the dark ages, resulting in modern dignified family names, such Smith, Farmer, Baker and so on.  


Be thankful.


























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