[ExI] Can humans work with AI?

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 18:19:00 UTC 2017

Probably not - humans interfere too much!  :)



Don’t Touch the Computer
By Jason Collins     July 13, 2017

As Cowen notes, the natural evolution of the human-machine
relationship is from a machine that doesn’t add much, to a machine
that benefits from human help, to a machine that occasionally needs a
tiny bit of guidance, to a machine that we should leave alone.

There are some great failures by grandmasters in freestyle chess
tournaments. Their confidence leads them to interfere too often with
the superior computer, whereas the best freestyle chess players will
only overrule their machine a handful of times a game. If you can find
a humble but skilled human, there could be room for success.

Absent limiting human intervention to the right level, the pattern we
will see is not humans and machines working together for enhanced
decision making, but machines slowly replacing humans decision by
decision. Algorithms will often be substitutes, not complements, with
humans left to the (at the moment, many) places where the algorithms
can’t go yet.

A friend of mine often reminds me of an old joke about automation on
airliners. The ideal team is a pilot and a dog. The pilot’s job is to
feed the dog. The dog’s job is to bite the pilot if the pilot tries to
touch anything. While we may still be some way away from this scenario
in the world of aviation, in some domains we’re already there.


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