[ExI] New Nature ID app for Android and Apple

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Identify Anything, Anywhere, Instantly (Well, Almost) With the Newest iNaturalist Release by Eric Simons on July 17, 2017


A new version of the California Academy of Sciences’ iNaturalist app uses artificial intelligence to offer immediate identifications for photos of any kind of wildlife. You can observe anywhere and ask the computer anything. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it seems like it mostly works.
It is completely astonishing.

iNaturalist is now attempting plants, mammals, birds, insects, spiders, slime molds … how do you even begin to train a computer to do that?

Out of 2.5 million quality observations, according to an explanation iNaturalist co-director Scott Loarie posted to the iNaturalist web site in June, there are 13,730 species that have been identified and confirmed more than 20 times. That’s the database they started building their computer vision from.

Get the app here:  <http://inaturalist.org/>



Thanks BillK!  This is a dream.  Is this a cool time to be living or what?


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