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> will wrote:  It's *obvious* how bad Trump is, you don't need to keep posting about it.  We all know!  What is the goal??
> He sucks, duh.  At least he makes everyone hate the government.
> ​------
> The American People hated the gov before Trump came along.  The Congress has been getting terrible ratings, as we all know.  Or just the feds in general.  The 'liberal' media as well.  So if Trump is dissing the media, Congress, and nearly everyone else, this appeals to those​ who gave all the above terrible ratings as well.

I don't think they really hate it. I believe most don't think much about it and when they do the focus seems to be not on the institution but rather on certain people in it. (This is kind of like not being against slavery, but merely against vicious slave masters.) If most people truly hated the government, I believe things would look very different. In fact, under such conditions, the government would find it difficult to operate since it depends on cooperation and acquiescence if not active support of most people to remain in place. Once that goes, any real world government's days would be numbered. (Which doesn't mean a new government wouldn't simply emerge.)

> In other words, he is dissing only those people his supporters want dissed, which explains why so many of his voters are still with him - in addition to the entertainment value, of course.  Apparently, Obama, Clinton etc. are still popular targets with his voters.  No mystery here.

I still think the main reason he lost is that Clinton turned off many (to the point they didn't vote at all*) of folks who would've voted against Trump.


   Sample my latest Kindle book "Sand Trap":

* Not talking about principled non-voters here, but people who are in principle in favor of voting and, in fact, typically vote for Democrats but were put off by her.
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