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> Left or right, we all have to think of something that will provide jobs
> for the lower classes that are now being lost to robots and ​AIs.


​not just the ​lower classes, the improvement in AI will effect EVERYBODY'S
job including the job of being a capitalist. In fact I think the job of
being a hedge fund manager with a multi million dollar weekly paycheck will
be effected before the job of being a orderly at a nursing home earning
minimum wage is effected.

For a long time I have defended a idea that has worked beautifully for
centuries that I now think needs modification, the idea that
the amount of material resources (money) one has should be exclusively
determined by just 4 factors

1) The nature of your job.
2) How well you do your job.
3) ​How wisely you chose your parents.
​4) Whatever scraps those richer than you choose to voluntarily give you.

I now believe strictly adhering to these 4 principles will lead to the end
of civilization, and I value civilization more than I value classical
libertarian dogma.

 John K Clark

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