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>>…Take for instance, narcissism.  Plenty of people are that way.  Did they choose it?  NO!  We were born this way.  I never saw a signup sheet come around.  So it is genetic!  But I am even weirder: a really humble narcissist. spike


>…Well now, genetic but not inevitable.  Genes tend to account for only about half the variance or less in psychological traits.  Learning counts; environment counts.  Maybe even will power counts.  I was genetically disposed to like alcohol and tobacco, and I now use neither, and it wasn't really all that hard to quit.  I can even be extroverted for short periods of time, like one class period, though two in a row made me hyper.

bill w


Ja!  My willpower is so mighty, I brutally overcame my narcissism by sheer force.  Now I am so humble I can’t stand myself.



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