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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 20:42:44 UTC 2017

I learned from this book, and found out that maybe I am a bit of a
Moralist.  Not a flaming prophet or even a big scold, but one who can look
down his nose at some people, and that is definitely not Taoist.  I will
rethink this.  Is this consistent with Libertarianism?  Do LIbertarians
believe that authoritarians should be free to be that way as long as we are
not affected, or do we wish that they would change?

I also learned with some confidence what the Tao is not, though not what it
is, as he dodges that all the way through the book.

It also reminded me of the theories of Carl Rogers:  he believed that
people were born good,and that the way to raise them was by a method he
called 'unconditional positive regard'.  This has been misinterpreted to
claim that he as a father would let a child go play in traffic or other
dangerous or evil things.

The Tao, according the Smullyan, believes that it is rules and the like
that keep people from being good.

I see that I will be doing some heavy reading in libertarianism to see just
what connection exists between it and the Tao.

Anyone wanting to discuss Tao privately can reach me at foozler83 at gmail.com

bill w.
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