[ExI] Single Payer Healthcare

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 02:06:18 UTC 2017

The USA spends FAR more on healthcare than any other country on the planet
and has done so for many decades, yet it doesn't seem to be getting much
bang for the buck. In 2016 the USA spends $9451 per-person per-year on
healthcare but is only #31 on the list of countries with the longest lived
citizens; Japan is #1 on the longevity list and spend only $4150 per person
per year, Australia is # 4 and spends $4420, and at  #31 is the USA which
spends $9451. Every one of the top 30 longevity countries have 2 things in

1) They all spend far less on healthcare than the USA does.
2) Unlike the USA they all have Single Payer Healthcare.

We are extropians and thus are believers in the scientific method, that
means if a theory doesn't fit the facts it must be abandoned no matter how
beloved it may be, and that includes political theories. So as a extropian
do you think maybe those top 30 longevity countries can teach us something?

John K Clark
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