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On Monday, March 6, 2017 8:01 AM William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Libertarianism is on the Far Left.​ I question whether
>> John ever was a libertarian in any meaningful sense. >

> ​A better way to think about these things is to visualize
> two dimensions:  one going left to right (conservative -
> liberal), and one running up and down (authoritarian​ -
> libertarian).  I like the one at politicalcompass.org

As should've been obvious, I'm not only aware of the two-dimensional chart, but I disagree with it. The original Left-Right distinction was between freedom and authority. Those on the Left were against authority, particular but not exclusively monarchism. (It simply originated in a time when monarchy was the dominant form of government.)

> Another issue:  there is no such thing as a one size fits
> all philosophy.  If we have not learned anything from the
> past few years, it's that adhering strictly to one position,
> like the tea party, is destructive of normal compromise
> and give and take.  Radical anything is not going to work.

Bullshit. Most so called radicals are not radical at all. Anyone operating inside a major political party in the US isn't much of a radical. (I get it. The term might be relative. Someone who merely wants to lower the prison term for cocaine possession might be seen as a radical in some circles -- rather idiotic circles I hope no one here travels in. That's not what mean here, and you know it.:)

And the actual libertarian position is a radical one. It's a radical view that no one should have authority over anyone else -- i.e., that slavery is wrong even when it's watered down and even when the slaves are allowed to petition their masters. I'm not much of a fan of the band, but the problem with mainstream politics is it fits lyrics from the Marilyn Manson:

Slave never dreams to be free
Slave only dreams to be King

> I also agree with John - just say what you believe and leave
> labels out of it.  One of my sons thought he was conservative
> most of his life, and he found out that he espoused more liberal
> ideas than conservative - and he resented it in a way.  I
> teased him about being a liberal and he got mad!

John was the one who brought up the label. I was responding to his use of it. So if you want to scold people about using labels, please start with him.



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