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​> ​>…In a family, when there is a budget shortfall, something doesn’t get bought


​>…Or they get a loan…In the mid 1970s INTEL handmade in a lab a new gadget called a "microprocessor", they could have continued to make them in the lab and tried to sell them for a million dollars a chip or they could have massed produced them in a factory and sold them for $10 a chip. They chose the second option, but to do so they had to go into debt, they had to go to a bank and get a loan to pay for the expensive factory. I think you would agree INTEL made the correct choice…



They sold stock John.  I am all in favor of that method of raising money to do ventures.






​> >… I do not feel it is morally justifiable to speculate that the future will be richer and it is my solemn responsibility to spend its wealth.  That the future will be more prosperous is my firm belief, but my firm belief might be wrong.  


​>…Yes we might be wrong, but if we waited until we were absolutely certain what the eventual outcome of our actions would be we'd be unable to perform any actions at all about anything; so all we can do is play the odds and place our bets to the best of our judgement…


The problem with that philosophy is that we gain now and risk the future’s wealth.


There are plenty of ways we can build the future without running up ruinous debt.  We can’t assume the future will be wealthier than we are, even given technological advances.



>… The big uncertainty is how all that new wealth will get divided up… John K Clark​



Ja that isn’t clear to me either.  Stockholders with the right investments will get most of it.  Stockholders with the wrong investments will lose out.




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