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You seem to be suggesting that mental illness is not a health problem, whereas it's a well known fact that thoughts and feelings are due to the brain and the brain is part of the body, the same as the heart or the liver are.


Stathis Papaioannou



Hi Stathis, no I get that.  What I don’t get is how to count suicides in an evaluation of life expectancy and the medical system.  If a teenager slays herself over a sweetheart, that has a crazy high impact on life expectancy compared to the medics fumbling about and giving a little old lady the wrong medication.  Same with teenage inner city drug warriors: that isn’t anything any medical system can fix.  


I will repeat my earlier comment: I am suspicious of rip rap, or hip hop, whatever they call that goddam rubbish thinly disguised as entertainment.  I partially blame that reprehensible “art form” starting with Cobain and getting still worse from there.  Sheesh, even disco is preferable with its brainless jiggle-inducing endless repetition of nothingness, and oh dear I have become my own grandfather, evolution rest his insightful soul.



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