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> Funny how everybody thinks that they can define libertarianism for
> everyone.

I think nearly everybody would say
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means mind your own business, the disagreements are over exactly what is
your business and what is mine. It seems to me at the very minimum my
business is what drugs enter my body, and that includes prescription drugs,
marijuana, heroin and cobra venom. That's why I think it would be such a
miscarriage of justice if Neil Gorsuch
​ ​
is confirmed for the Supreme Court, he is passionately anti-
By the way, I personally don't drink or take drugs and have never had a
suicidal thought in
​ ​
​ ​
life, but I want to retain all those options.

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> Me, I don't need any purists to define it for me.

​Purist libertarians don't take feasibility into account. I was once a
purist, I no longer am. ​

 John K Clark
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