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Wed Mar 29 17:45:50 UTC 2017


A feller posted to me offlist about the medics giving him bad advice, and
how he went online and dug deep, figured out what was the best medicine,
then did it.


I commented:



Well think about it: what do doctors have that you don't?  They sat in
lectures, the old-style, and learned about skerjillions of diseases just
enough to demonstrate competence on a test.  But you have only one thing
wrong with you.  So you can research it and learn more about that one thing
than they know, because they didn't have time to dig deep on any topic.  


I see this as a major shortcoming of our medical system: the medics are far
under-specialized.  The specialists must start with a medical degree.  Of
course they are too expensive, sheesh.  We could create a system where any
prole with a high school degree could take a two or three year degree and
learn every damn thing that can possibly go wrong with a foot or an ear.
She doesn't need a college degree and definitely doesn't need a goddam
medical school degree.  She could learn all the medications available, would
see everything and get plenty of experience, would know when she needs to
refer the patient on up.  We could easily employ plenty of people who would
make a living wage and still end up with better care because we could afford
to see them.  We would make super-specialized medical consultants the
economic and functional equivalent to the place where you get a massage,
only you wouldn't get the blow job.  Unless you paid the extra.





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