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Wed Mar 29 21:56:52 UTC 2017

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Subject: Re: [ExI] Single Payer Healthcare

On 29 March 2017 at 17:37, spike  wrote:
>>  ... oh such a time to be alive, such a time.


>...Sounds like a breakdown in that level of society. No prospects, loads of
problems, nobody cares, pointless existence, etc.  Of course the ones that
don't suicide are angry.  A problem for the future to deal with.



Oh man BillK, you gave me a helllll of an idea: we create care-bots.  We
start with talking avatars (perhaps using the images of Dr. Jill Stein) and
hitch it to something like Eliza.  For those here old enough to have fooled
with it, you already know that if one suspends disbelief hard enough, one
could imagine that Eliza cares.  I told her some really personal stuff. 

 We could take out the nobody-cares quadrant to some extent (imagining that
Dr. Stein's avatar cares) and reduce the pointless existence quadrant a bit
(you live to play with this software.)  That part about no prospects doesn't
go away; that gets worse if a white guy is sitting around playing on the
computer rather than looking for an actual job.  But it would give some
people prospects: those who are creating the software to create the illusion
that Dr. Stein cares.  It would be kind of a modern version of Care Bears,
only in software rather than cartoons.  Oh man we could be rich and famous.

Billk, there is no point in denying the obvious: a lot of what is causing
this white guy suicide rate to soar is that their careers flame out around
50 instead of the usual 65.  Then they don't know what to do.  Hey, it
happened to me.  But I knew what to do: continue with my life, more than
ever.  Help others if I can.  Learn new stuff.  Write software, get
physically fit, think, learn, do, that kinda junk.


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