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> It's funny how you don't mind giving up other people's freedom, including forcing them to pay for "conveniences" you like. How magnanimous of you!
> Dan
> Now you are objecting to democracy? 

As Roderick Long out it,

"... rather than the many dictating to the few or the few dictating to the many, what libertarians seek is a world where nobody is in a position to dictate to anybody — or at least to get as close to that situation as possible."


"In other words, libertarians don’t oppose democracy (in the conventional sense) because they hanker after autocracy; they oppose democracy because it is too much like autocracy."

See http://bleedingheartlibertarians.com/2011/08/libertarians-in-jackboots/

He's not the first libertarian to make this point. I'm shocked that you're unaware of this. Even Robert Nozick, a minarchist libertarian, wanted strict limits on democracy -- limits on what his minimal government could do. And he was writing about that in the early 01970s.

Your overall view of what libertarianism is seems to draw no lines at all between libertarianism and anything else. I'm wondering who isn't a libertarian by your lights? Kim Jong-un?


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