[ExI] Shadows and the concept of self

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​I do take issue with one thing you said:​

*The MWI says that after the act of observation (measurement) the universe
is split in two branches where the first has [cat dead] and [observer who
remembers having seen the cat dead],​"​*

​There is only one reason I'm a fan of the MWI,
 unlike the other quantum interpretations it doesn't have to explain what a
measurement or a observation is because they have nothing to do with it.
MWI says everything that can happen does happen, and both a dead and live
cat can happen. When the universe splits you split right along with
everything else, and one
​sees a living cat and another equally real Giulio sees a dead cat. When
the universe splits they stay split unless the 2 universes somehow become
identical again; that's not going to happen if the change is made in a
large macroscopic object like a cat, but if the only difference between 2
universes is which slit one photon went through then it is possible to
arrange things so the 2 universes become identical again, and then the
universes would merge back together into one. That's why we see weird
quantum effects in the 2 slit experiment but not in large things like cats.

  John K Clark

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