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On Sunday, April 30, 2017 10:41 AM  William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>
> (found this in my Drafts folder - sorry it wasn't
> sent at a more appropriate time)> 
> pornography - the writings of prostitutes
> should be - pornopia, since most of it is visual

Words tend to shift meaning over time. I was told "salsa" just means "sauce" in Castilian -- at least in the context of food. In American English, it means something more specific. So?

> OK, libertarians, see if you can swallow this:

> Humans have turned sex into something dirty and obscene.
> How did we allow that?  (all right, probably telling
> children to scare them and warn them away)  No telling
> how much psychological damage that has done over the millennia.>

> People having sex or people nude.  Why isn't that just fun?
> Exciting?  It does provoke sexual behavior.  So what?  We
> have The Pill.  We have preventions for disease.  In
> underage children it's totally safe (well, some disease
> from older children maybe).>

> So anyway, why do we buy the idea that pornopia is obscene?
> Why do we hide the human body from children?  Why put fig
> leaves over what we know is there?  Sex ed by parents is
> nearly extinct, if it ever really lived at all.  College
> students in my classrooms were woefully ignorant and held
> numerous superstitions their society had thrust on them
> (probably mostly peers and kids a few years older).  "Not my
> mother!"  seemed to be the theme.  (Mother as Madonna figure?
> Sexless?).  >

> Isn't this outrageous?  The USA, according to studies done
> worldwide, is a moderately repressive society, as I have
> mentioned before.  A nation gripped by sexual anxiety of
> all kinds.  We caution against masturbation when we should
> be openly recommending it.  This was said to be Onan's sin,
> but I think it was disobedience.  >

> And tons more.  What do evolutionary theorists say about
> the origins of this? What can we do to make people free

> and easy about sex?  (I am NOT suggesting any notion of
> sex with everyone or the like, though I cannot find any
> moral reasons against it.  Many, like me, will prefer monogamy).

Since Bill W mentioned libertarians, I'm wondering who this is directed at. The general libertarian view is live and let live. This goes for nudists, naturists, sex workers, the whole sex positive crowd. If anything, libertarians tend to be more sex positive. So I'm wondering what Bill is looking for here. Maybe he's conflating "libertarian" with "conservative."

Or is he looking for libertarians to explain why US-American culture seems sexually repressive? If so, the standard explanation is Puritanism left its mark.


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