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>…So, with this information, a few things have been said, such as "well,
then for their own good, humans need to abandon cities". … 





Fun spinoff topic presents itself for USians.  Marijuana is a controlled substance at the federal level, but the US constitution doesn’t explicitly grant the Fed the authority, depending on how you look at it.  States are pulling rank on the Fed now, and making grass legal, such as Colorado.  Not wishing for a showdown in the Supreme Court, where the Fed will likely lose, the Fed is standing down.


Durango Colorado is a tourist town where artists sell their work, bronze sculptures of cowboys roping beasts, (or cow-humans I think is where our language has evolved in the interest of gender inclusiveness (perhaps we can anticipate the day when such laborers, who were very literally uniformly male to within measurement error, in order to eschew gender and bovine exclusivity will be referred to as life form life forms (but I digress.)))


Durango has become a virtual magnet for useless addicts, which really is not at all compatible with its personality as a high-end tourist destination.  I remember going to Durango: everything there is clean, well maintained, orderly, beautiful.  That was twenty years ago.  Now the locals are complaining there are homeless dangerous-looking addicts lying about on their sidewalks, discouraging tourism.


If a state can pull rank on the Fed and make recreational grass legal, we might extrapolate that a US county or city can pull rank on a state and make it illegal.


Have we any legal eagles among us who might comment?









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