[ExI] Gravity wave math

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Sun May 28 14:31:37 UTC 2017

I am sceptical. The first "strong observation" was on time for the 100th
anniversary, but we don't have the second one yet.

Just as we have 1 (one) "strong observation" for the Higgs.

I am not saying, that gravitational waves don't exist, or that Higgs' boson
doesn't exist.

But on the base of those observations, I can't claim that they do exist.
Those scientists have apparently no such problems. Their faith is strong

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> If you want someone serious to chew on:
> http://www.ams.org/journals/bull/2016-53-04/S0273-0979-2016-01544-8/
> "The emergence of gravitational wave science: 100 years of development of
> mathematical theory, detectors, numerical algorithms, and data analysis
> tools"
> Thanks Keith!  I wasn't aware that Hilbert was right there doing that work.
> It is easy to imagine Einstein sailing uncharted waters alone with General
> Relativity, but there were others working that.
> spike
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