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> Fourier transforms sometimes do weird things, but I can’t imagine how two
> completely separate instruments could have done exactly the same weird
> thing at exactly the same time unless it was the real deal.
LIGO is just completing it's second observation run, if they had 4 million
such runs you'
expect to see a jiggle as large
​as the​
 October 12 2015
​ event caused by random noise once, and after another 4 million runs you
might see ​a noise jiggle as big as the
December 26 2015
​ event.  Actually it's even more unlikely than that because LIGO, being a
interferometer, can see more than just a jiggle, it can see an entire
waveform, and the waveform LIGO saw looks almost exactly like the waveform
Einstein predicted you'd see from 2 Black Holes spiraling into each other:


​But nothing is certain in life so maybe it's all just a huge coincidence,
but I wouldn't bet on it.

​> ​
> I doubt they would request a press conference to say they didn’t find
> anything.​

​I'll be mad if they just announce they're changing their logo or the
vending machines in the instillation's cafeteria,    ​

 John K Clark

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