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John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 12:41:13 UTC 2017

Hi Jeff!

Its great to see that you're back and I'm delighted to hear of your success!

John K Clark

​Jeff Davis wrote:​

Good morning boys and girls.  It's a pleasure to be back with you again.
> Back in October of 1997, I got my first computer.  I signed up for free
> internet with NetZero, loaded up Netscape Navigator, and through a sequence
> of events now lost to the mists of memory, stumbled upon the exi list,...
> and found a home in the transhumanist tribe.  I had a wonderful time with
> youse guys. For 16 years I came to the clubhouse every day until, in June
> of 2013, I bid you farewell and ventured out into the world to seek my
> fortune.
> "And what have you seen, my blue eyed boy?"
> Now, I return with tales to tell of the wonders I have seen and the
> adventures I have had,... and am having
> So settle in, and be amazed.
> I was once a man of modest means, wont to describe myself as independently
> austere.  A late-night denizen of the undergraduate library at UC Berkeley
> -- it's open till 3 in the morning!  A person of no importance.  A wise ass
> underachiever, lazy, opinionated, self-indulgent and self-absorbed.

> But lucky.   Yes, the secret to my success is my unstinting and undeserved
> good luck.   Many are those who lament their all-too-frequent encounters
> with misfortune.  You never hear those who roll the dice and win, to
> declare -- or even notice -- the "unfairness" of it, the unfairness of
> their Good Fortune.   Yet that is the essence of my story.   The God of
> Wiseasses has made a project of me. Or, as Mark Twain has noted, "Those who
> are born to hang are safe in the water."
> So here's the deal:

> In 2014, my wife Gail is sitting at her computer... the years of hanging
> out with a techno-weenie transhumanist has had its effect ... and she says
> to me," This Bitcoin thing,... It looks like the wave of the future, let's
> invest some of the money in that." -- We had just sold our house in Canada
> and had a couple a hundred grand hanging around, looking for a home. --
> Barely acknowledging her comment, online and engrossed as usual, not even
> looking up, I waved my hand and said, "Go for it."
> Bitcoin had just crashed, ,,, er, "corrected"... from a first peak of
> speculative frenzy which had taken it to a thousand, down to 200.  We
> bought 80,000 dollars worth in tranches at 300, 400, and 600.

> Then, a year or so later we sold a piece of property in Half Moon Bay for
> 100k,... just as Ethereum was emerging.  Caught up now in the
> cryptocurrency frenzy, her Jewish gene up-regulated, Gail says to me,
> "Let's buy some Ethereum."  I waved my hand as before, and we put 50k into
> Ethereum at $12.  Do the math.  Gail might very well be some sort of
> savant.  Me, I'm just lucky.
> And so, I began a new life

> I saw the ICO phenomena emerging from the Ethereum project, and I saw an
> opportunity.   Gail became a voracious consumer of cryptocurrency
> information: my in-house research department.  We became a team.  I had
> transhumanist projects to fund and I went out into the world looking for
> someone to show me how to "stage" my ICO's.
> I found a fellow in Pleasanton, 30 years experience in failed software
> startups, SLAC veteran, robot hobbyist, my kind of guy.  He too had
> recognized the opportunity, and was looking for a funding partner.  It was
> a perfect match. We put our heads together, and came up with a plan to
> stage an ICO to fund a cryptocurrency Investment bank, Pathfinder Equity
> Systems... I'm the eccentric rich guy who writes the checks, he's the
> experienced and grounded business guy who does the work.  "A drunkard's
> dream if I ever did see one."  We launch in eight days or so.

> In our first stage, we'll be processing ICO's for small and medium-sized
> tech firms in Venture Capital portfolios.  Currently, the value in these
> companies, and the VC's investments, are "trapped", unable to take the
> final  leap to enhanced value by going public with a conventional ***IPO***
> process.  That's where the cryptocurrecy-based ICO process comes into play,
> offering an alternative route to: public trading, liberated liquidity,
> enhanced company value, and investment recovery/profit extraction for the
> VCs.
> Here's our website:

> http://www.icopathfinder.com/
> And here's a link to a sponsored article in VentureBeat, for a more
> detailed idea of what we're up to.
> https://venturebeat.com/2017/09/29/reverse-icos-may-be-your-best-vc-portfolio-exit/
> It gets better, way better.
> Tomorrow: the Pathfinder Moonshot.  This is the good stuff.  You're gonna
> love it.
> Best, Jeff Davis
>      "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
>                                            Ray Charles
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