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Wed Nov 8 15:38:45 UTC 2017

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> How exactly did he “strike it rich” can someone refresh my memory? Thanks

"In 2014, my wife Gail is sitting at her computer... the years of hanging
out with a techno-weenie transhumanist has had its effect ... and she says
to me," This Bitcoin thing,... It looks like the wave of the future, let's
invest some of the money in that." -- We had just sold our house in Canada
and had a couple a hundred grand hanging around, looking for a home. --
Barely acknowledging her comment, online and engrossed as usual, not even
looking up, I waved my hand and said, "Go for it."

Bitcoin had just crashed, ,,, er, "corrected"... from a first peak of
speculative frenzy which had taken it to a thousand, down to 200.  We
bought 80,000 dollars worth in tranches at 300, 400, and 600.

Then, a year or so later we sold a piece of property in Half Moon Bay for
100k,... just as Ethereum was emerging.  Caught up now in the
cryptocurrency frenzy, her Jewish gene up-regulated, Gail says to me,
"Let's buy some Ethereum."  I waved my hand as before, and we put 50k into
Ethereum at $12.  Do the math.  Gail might very well be some sort of
savant.  Me, I'm just lucky. "

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